Wash and Cut

Whether you would like “just a little off the top” or that new trendy style, our stylists can help keep your hair looking and feeling great with a wash and cut. The Rayzor Sharp Barber Shop stylists specialize in cuts for men and women of all ages. From afros, dreadlocks, and mohawks to traditional tapers, fades, or an edge up, Rayzor Sharp Barber Shop can help you look and feel your best.

Color and Highlights

Looking to stand out or blend in? Our color experts can help you blend grays, add highlights, enhance your current color, or give you a whole new hue. Whether you want to hear compliments or exclamations, our professional colorists have experience with all hair types and can help you get the right color you’re looking for.

Trims and Shaves

Rayzor Sharp Barber Shop offers mustache and beard trims, standard and hot lather shaves to help keep you looking well-groomed and manly. Call or stop in today to schedule your full grooming experience and feel the Rayzor Sharp Barber Shop difference.

Full Service

Includes Beard and Mustache 30 Minutes $25.00


Tapers,fades,edge-ups etc. 30 Minutes $20.00

Senior Cuts

55 and older 30 minutes We appreciate you $15.00

Edge-Up with Beard

30 Minutes $18.00

Color (rinse) Men


Any type of hair cut that requires the use of shears. 30 Minutes $25.00

Adult Specialty Cuts

13 and older 45 Minutes New Dread ( Sponge), South of France, Mohawks, Afro etc 45 Minutes. $30.00

Edge Up Only

Does Not include beard 15 Minutes $15.00

Children Haircuts

Children 12 and under This service includes Regular bald fades, Tapers all even. 30 Minutes $15.00

Children's Specialty Cuts

Children 12 and under New Dread ( Sponge) , South of France, Mohawks, Afro etc 30 Minutes $20.00

Women's Taper

Back only 30 Minutes $10.00

Women's Hair Cut


Re-Twist Dreads

Re-twist and Maintenance only. $65.00

Dreads (New)

This service includes the process of starting Dread Lock $100.00

Eyebrow Arch

10 Minutes $7.00

Spa Treatment Shampoo Service

Relax while Shay or Stacey lathers and messages your scalp to give you that crisp clean fresh scent to complete your look. $10.00


Include trim, treatments, deep conditioners and style of your choice $65.00


This is an extra added service. $20.00

Partial Relaxer / Color


Color / Style


Silk Press

Natural Hair Only$55.00


Include shampoo, conditioner, and net $150.00

Partial Sew -In

Hair is partially left out. $125.00

Eyelashes (Individual)

Supplies provided. $20.00

Eyelashes - Strips

Supplies provided $10.00

Quick Weave






Dread Repair